3rd Transcontinental Meet ‘n Greet – Sat, Jan 14 2023 (ZOOM room opens at 9am GMT).

3hrs. of informal meet ‘n greet followed by 5+ hrs. of brainstorming how to increase awareness for Popper’s philosophy of critical rationalism

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ZOOM link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2488076849?pwd=YlBsaDVXa0tDd1QrbG9td2srT2Jzdz09#success.

You are cordially invited to join and participate in the third Transcontinental Meet-‘n-Greet to celebrate and promote the philosophy of Karl Popper and critical rationalism. 

It will take place on Saturday, January 14th starting at noon GMT (UK, London time zone), the second week-end of January.  The ZOOM room will open at 9:00am GMT, and the facilitated activities will begin at noon GMT.  It is a free event, and everyone is welcome. The entire event will be recorded. If you would like to opt-out, turn off your camera and change your ZOOM name.

2023 theme:

The theme for the Jan 14 Meet ‘n Greet will be how we can support one another to increase awareness of Karl Popper’s philosophy of Critical Rationalism across the globe without giving off the vibe of a cult.  Critical rationalism, as this website administrators understand it, captures the practical attitude of “I may be wrong and you may be right, and, by an effort, we may get nearer to the truth“. It is sometimes also referenced as Popper’s fallibility principle.

Launch of a google group for organizing purposes:

We will also use the occasion of the Jan 2023 Meet ‘n Greet to formally launch the Google group, Karl Popper for Everyone. The purpose of this Google group is primarily organizational: to request and offer skills and expertise needed to promote the practical attitude of critical rationalism. Further details can be found in the Google-group description itself.


The format of this year’s event will be one of a brainstorming session, possibly with breakout rooms, on how all of us can support the already existing Critical Rationalism projects and new projects in the making. The complete list of discussion topics can be found HERE.  It will be updated as we get closer to the event date. The facilitated brainstorming session itself will start at noon GMT. However, the ZOOM room will open at 9am GMT for informal Meet ‘n Greet.

Other details:

The Annual Transcontinental Karl-Popper Meet ‘n Greets are organized by the friends of ourkarlpopper.net and they are intended as informal gatherings to say hello to new and old friends & colleagues. There is no need to prepare anything. The only thing that is expected from you is to click on the ZOOM link and be ready to join the conversation.

People can drop by any time at their convenience. It is not necessary to RSVP, but it is strongly encouraged to help the organizing team plan better. Current ZOOM capacity is 100 and can be increased as needed. For those with a Facebook account, there is an event page where one can RSVP. Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone that you believe might be interested in attending this event.

If that works better for you, there is an option to call in. The phone numbers are listed on the Facebook event page. Or send email to ourkarlpopper[at]mail[dot]com to get the list.

Future events:

We realize that the announcement for the Jan 14 Meet ‘n Greet has been posted at the last minute giving you very short notice to put it on your schedule, but we wanted to maintain the tradition of hosting a yearly Karl-Popper Meet ‘n Greet on the second Saturday of January, even if it is a slimmed-down version.

The full 24hr. Meet ‘n Greet will take place during the 2023 summer. Details will follow.

The 2024 24hr. Meet ‘n Greet will be taking place, as usual, during the second week-end of 2024, the week-end of January 13.

There will be another organizational Meet ‘n Greet on Saturday, April 15, 2023. Details will be posted closer to the event date.

Trouble-shooting and FAQ:

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