OLD OLD OLD OLD 2nd 24 hr. Transcontinental Meet ‘n Greet – Mark your calendars: Sat, Jan 8 2022 starting at 9am GMT.

You are cordially invited to join and participate in the second 24 hr. Transcontinental Meet-‘n-Greet, celebrating the philosophy of Karl Popper. The event will take place during the second weekend of January 2022, starting on Saturday January 8th at 9am GMT (Zoom room opens at 8:30PM. It is a free event and everyone is welcome.

ZOOM link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88571496957?pwd=aEFNK1ZPVGI1a0liL3JiS1prbG1lQT09.

The primary objective of this 24 hr. annual Meet ‘n Greet is to celebrate the life and work of all living philosophers, scientists, journalists, translators, etc. who knew Karl Popper personally and were touched by him, his work, and/or his philosophy.

Each year, we will have one or two special theme and/or featured guests. This year we will celebrate the life and work of WIlliam Bartley III and Danny Frederick.

main objectives of this Meet ‘n Greet are:

  • (a) to celebrate the life and work of the philosopher, Karl Popper, and all those who have done an effort to expand and continue his work, and introduce it to and popularize it among the general public. We will pay tribute to Danny Frederick who who passed away in May 2021 and who was a featured guest during the first Meet-‘n-Greet.
  • (b) to provide an informal networking opportunity across the international time zones for people interested in further expanding and popularizing the philosophy of Karl Popper across the globe. 


  • This ZOOM session is organized as an informal event to say a hello to new and old friends & colleagues. There is no need to prepare anything. The only thing that you need to do is click on the ZOOM link and be ready to cheer and toast.
  • People can drop by any time at their convenience. It is not necessary to RSVP, but it is strongly encouraged to help the organizing team plan better. Current ZOOM capacity is 100 and can be increased if needed. For those with a Facebook account, there is an event page where one can RSVP.
  • We will be using the breakout-rooms feature of ZOOM and each event will take place in a separate breakout room.

The Meet ‘n Greet is intended to mimic the settings of a face-to-face reception to celebrate the contributions of specific Popperians. It will be facilitated by different hosts located in the key time zones across the globe.  We shall toast specific Popperians on the hour.  Guests and participants shall have an opportunity to introduce themselves on the half hour.  The schedule is posted here. And check the drop-down menu above for additional information posted at the last minute.

Invited participants:

The Meet ‘n Greet ZOOM shall start at 9:00 AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on Saturday, January 8th 2022 and continue for 24 hrs. and end the next day at 9:00 AM GMT.  Consult the time zone map for the starting time in your particular region. Click here for the schedule.

We expect several people who met Karl Popper in person or worked with him to participate or drop by for a brief period. As of January 4, Joe Agassi, Luc Castelein, Matt Dioguardi, Rafe Champion, Danny Frederick, Paul Levinson, Mark Notturno, David Deutsch, Jeremy Shearmur & Phil Wood have RSVP’d that they will attend. Check the schedule for more details. It will be updated as we get new RSVPs.

Proposed toasts:

  • Danny Frederick & his two recent books + a third just published.
  • Research assistants of Karl Popper
  • Ph.D. students of Karl Popper
  • Translators of Karl Popper’s work
  • Critical Cafe web administrators & hosts
  • Critical rationalism administrators, moderators & bloggers
  • Karl Popper Facebook page administrators
  • Karl Popper Facebook groups administrators & moderators
  • Popperian scholars around the globe who expanded Popper’s work significantly.
  • Popperian bloggers
  • Etc.


Your are strongly encouraged to RSVP to ourkarlpopper@gmail.com as it allows us to plan better for the meeting. Make sure to include the approximate time you intend to drop by. We have increased the capacity of the ZOOM meeting to 500.

  • The schedule is on-line: click here.
  • Make sure to download the latest version of ZOOM: version 5.4.7.
  • Check out the dropdown menu associated with the tab for this event (see above). Lots of useful information will be posted there in the next couple of hours.
  • During the Meet ‘n Greet, it is not expected that you actively participate. If you wish, you can join, simply to listen in.
  • If that works better for you, there is an option to call in. The phone numbers are listed on the Facebook event page. Or send email to ourkarlpopper@gmail.com to get the list,
  • The list of the breakout rooms.
  • The super-short version of what to expect

Additional details & FAQ:

Make sure to check the dropdown menu below the tab for this webpage (last tab to the right on top menu bar) for the latest information on what to expect once you have joined this Greet ‘n Meet meeting.

  • I am considering volunteering as a host or facilitator in my time zone. What do I need to do? Send an email to ourkarlpopper@gmail.com. As of December 13, 2020, we are still looking for facilitators for the key time zones.
  • I would like to help with the planning of this Meet ‘n Greet. What is involved? We will definitely need two co-facilitators for each time Zone. And we will need two people on stand-by to help out with technical questions. There also will be 1 or 2 practice runs to test out the format. Send an email to ourkarlpopper@gmail.com if you’d like to learn more.
  • Who is sponsoring this event? This event doesn’t really have a sponsor. It was a spontaneous idea that Rafe & I had one day. We decided to use this website as a vehicle for communicating all the details about this Meet n Greet.
  • Why are you using ZOOM? I do not like that software. Yes, we are aware that we could have used Skype, Google Meeting and even Facebook. But ZOOM happened to be the software with which we were most familiar. Next time we could use a different software. Give us your input! Send us an email.
  • January 9th 2021 does not work for me. Why did you not pick a different date? Why did you not consult the Popper community before settling on this particular date? This is an experiment! We had to start somewhere! So we went ahead and picked a date after consulting with some people. If there is enough interest, future Meet ‘n Greets will be organized. Perhaps, you can take the lead in organizing the next Meet n Greet! Join the planning team! Give us your input! Send us email.
  • Why did you pick 9 AM GMT as a starting point? I live in Chicago in the United States. 9 AM GMT is 3 AM in my time zone, in the middle of the night. I wanted to be there when the Meet n Greet started. Could you not have decided on a different beginning time? Sorry! That was a difficult decision. No matter which beginning time that we picked, it would be inconvenient for some people. Next time, we could pick a completely different starting time. Join the planning team. Give us your input.

Bookmark this page & check regularly for the latest updates.

For all inquiries, send email to ourkarlpopper@gmail.com.

Margaretha Hendrickx, Trumansburg, NY, USA