Popper in Cyberspace in 2022

1. The Karl Popper Web of Ray Scott Percival.

2. The Open Society blog of Hans-Joachim Niemann, the longest running blog on Karl Popper.

3. The Rathouse blog created and managed by Rafe Champion.

4. Critical Rationalism blog created and moderated by Matt Dioguardi & friends.

5. Critical Rationalism Facebook group created and moderated by Matt Dioguardi & friends 

6. Karl Popper Facebook page created by Jaakkoo Wallenius & now managed by Luc Castelein

7. The Karl Popper & William Bartley III website of Dmytro Sepetyi

8. Lulie Tanett & the Crit Rats, a loosely affiliated community on Twitter and in the podcast blogosphere.

9. Bruce Nielson’s Four Strands Blog & Google group and his The Theory of Everything Podcast, all influenced by the work of David Deutsch.

10. The Karl Popper Space by Eduardo Chaves.

11. The Conjectures & Refutations audio book narrated by Elyse Hargreaves.

12. Karl Popper Oxford Society Facebook group for students around the world, created & managed by Sam Kuypers and Liberty Fitz-Claridge.

13. The Karl Popper Society YouTube series where someone different is invited for a public interactive conversation on a regular basis.

14. Benn Chugg’s Increments Podcast

15. Ourkarlpopper.net — Have you submitted the story of how Karl Popper made a difference in your life yet?

16. The Popperian Podcast of Jed Lea-Henry

17. The Critical Rationalism Lectures by Jeremy Shearmur.