Blog admin, how did you develop the idea or this blog?

Read the essay by Margaretha Hendrickx published on this blog for all the details. Check out also the History page.

Blog admin, could you give me some additional (non-Popperian) details about your background and qualifications?

Sure! My name is Margaret Hendrickx. I live in Trumansburg, NY, near Ithaca, NY. My friends call me Jaimi, a playful reference to Jimi Hendrickx. I grew up in Mortsel, a suburb of Antwerp, Belgium.  I have a degree in Agricultural Engineering with a specialty in Plant Biochemistry from the State University of Gent Belgium (1986), a Masters Degree in Plant Molecular Genetics from Purdue University, IN (1991) and a PhD in Strategic Management from Purdue University, IN (2003).  I taught at Binghamton University, NY from 2001 to 2007.  Presently, I am studying psychoanalysis, and especially the object-relations branch (Ian Suttie (1889-1935), Ronald Fairbairn (1889-1964), Wilfred Bion (1897-1979) with Howard Aldendorff, a LCSW-R located in Ithaca, NY.  

I can be contacted at ourkarlpopper@gmail.com

Have any more questions? Submit them to ourkarlpopper@gmail.com.

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