2022 Meet ‘n Greet – A very big & warm thank you

With some delay, here it is: a very big thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd 24 hr. Transcontinental Popperian Meet ‘n Greet of January 8-9, 2022.

Like the one of last year, this Meet ‘n Greet exceeded our expectations. People from all over the world joined and stayed with us for the full 24 hrs and beyond. But more importantly, we also had some very productive critical discussions about various aspects of Popper’s philosophy.  You were the ones who made it all happen and it would not have been possible without you. Critical rationalism is all about people coming together and critically exchanging ideas in the spirit of ‘I may be wrong; you may be right’.

This year, we made a special effort to record all the sessions and they will be posted soon in the OurKarlPopper YouTube channel. I will notify you as soon as these recordings are available for viewing.

The 2022 organizing team consisted of Rafe Champion, Luc Castelein, Elyse Hargreaves, Phil Wood, and yours truly. In other of appearance, we would like to send a special thank you to the following individuals:

  • Leo Champion who helped with the ZOOM mechanics.
  • Klaus Paehler, Joseph Agassi, Jeremy Shearmur, David Deutsch, Lulie Tanett, Oseni Taiwo Afisi, Adam Chmielewski and other special guests of the session dedicated to remembering Popperians past & present.
  • Agustina Borella, who hosted a session on Karl Popper in South America with Eduardo Chaves, Ivo Sarjanovic, Carlos Verdura Serna, Daniel Viera, and Gabriel Zanotti.
  • Oseni Taiwo Afisi & Adam Chmielewski who co-hosted a session on Karl Popper and Africa with Akin Onifade, Tunde Atolagbe Aramide, Julius Sifuna and Pascoal Rodrigues Mutongoreca.
  • Ayelam who co-hosted the tribute to Danny Frederick with Danny’s family (John, Joy, Maxine & Kevin) and colleagues (Mark Friedman & Leslie Marsh).
  • Philip Benesch who made himself available for a critical discussion of his book, Karl Popper, the Viennese Socrates. 
  • Brian Boyd who gave a presentation on the biography of Karl Popper that he is writing.
  • All those who participated in the session on William “Bill” Bartley III: Joseph Agassi, Nimrod Bar-An, William Berkson, Casey Bowman, Brian Boyd, Bruce Caldwell, Eduardo Chaves, Matteo Collodel, Paul Levinson, Amirouche Moktefi, Klaus Paehler, Ray Scott Percival, Dmytro Sepety, Jamie Shaw & Jeremy Shearmur.
  • Bruce Caithness who co-hosted the Meet ‘n Greet of the Critical Rationalism Facebook group with Phil Wood.
  • Badinan Mohammed who co-hosted the session on Karl Popper in West Asia with Elyse Hargreaves.
  • All those who participated in the brainstorming session how to keep the Popperian flame burning during the upcoming year.

Finally, a special shout-out to Gabriel Brasil who participated in the Meet ‘n Greet for the entire 24 hrs. And to the many returnees from the first 24hr. Popperian Meet n Greet such as Mark Biros, Marwen Bouassida, Tanny Clapsaddle, Steven L Frank, Taha El Gabroun, Sam Kuypers, Matjaž Leonardis, Frank Lovell, Sadia Naeem, Robin Pennie, Jesse Ray, Clovis Roussy, Mohammed Shafal, Tim Stephenson, Bart Vanderhaegen & Gary Zhu.

If you would like to help with the planning for next year’s Meet ‘n Greet, send an email to ourkarlpopper@gmail.com. We already picked a theme: the launching of a dynamic web interface (a dashboard?) to make it easier for Popperians across the globe to share details about the projects on which they are working.

To stay in touch regarding the next Popperian Meet ‘n Greet or other related initiatives and events, send your contact info to ourkarlpopper@gmail.com.

Margaretha Hendrickx

Trumansburg, NY, USA