History of this blog

  • June 2020: The Our Karl Popper blog came into existence as a vague idea during a ZOOM conversation between Rafe Champion & Margaretha Hendrickx, followed by email & FB exchanges with Matt Dioguardi, Bruce Caithness, Ray Scott Percival, and the members of the Open Society ZOOM group of Mark Notturno.

  • August 2020: When Joe Agassi, Jon Guzman & Rob Thomas submitted their essays, the Our Karl Popper blog became a reality.

  • September 19 2020: The domain name, OurKarlPopper.net was purchased.

  • October 2020: When Danny Frederick and Jeremy Shearmur emailed their contribution, there were enough essays for Our Karl Popper to go live.

  • October 25 2020: Soft launch of the Our Karl Popper blog.

  • December 12 2020: Official launch of the Our Karl Popper blog on Facebook and etc.

  • January 9th 2021 – 9 GMT: 24 hr. transcontinental ZOOM party to celebrate the accomplishments of the many Popperians around the globe.

~ Margaretha Hendrickx, Trumansburg, NY, USA

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