2023 Meet ‘n Greet – Part 2 – Details

All times are BST. BST stands for British Summer Time. It is 1 hour ahead of UTC. To convert times into your time zone, consult www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.

10am – 11am:

Welcome and general introductions

11am – noon:

Remembering Ian Jarvie (1937-2023) who passed away on Tuesday May 16 2023.

noon – 1pm:

A conversation with Alex Naraniecki about how he decided to do a Ph.D on Popper’s philosophy

1pm – 3pm:

Remembering Joseph Agassi (1927-2023), together with his friends, colleagues, students and other people touched by him and his writings.

3pm – 6pm:

A conversation with Denis & Ray Noble about their latest book, Understanding Living Systems that will become available in July 2023. It is a critique of neo-Darwinism and gene-centric reasoning.  The Noble brothers will also comment on Popper’s Medawar’s speech and his so-called active Darwinism.  The conversation is hosted by Sadia Naeem.

6pm – 8pm:

A conversation with Jeremy Shearmur about his book, The Political Thought of Karl Popper, hosted by Luc Castelein (admin of the Karl Popper Facebook page). 

8pm – 9pm:

Remembering Frank Lovell, together with his friends from the Critical Rationalism Facebook group.

9pm – 9:45pm: 

A conversation about Sheldon Richmond‘s latest book, Restoring our Humanity. Six Essays, hosted by Elyse Hargreaves. Sheldon is a student of Joseph Agassi.

9:45pm – 10pm:

Closing comments.