Who’s Karl Popper?

~~ If you are not already familiar with Karl Popper and his work, perhaps, the easiest way to learn more about him and his writings is by googling his name or visiting the following websites:

The next best thing is to join an online community dedicated to the philosophy of Karl Popper:

Then perhaps it is time to read some of Karl Popper’s own well-known work. Routledge has a dedicated website listing all the books by Popper that they published over the years for an English-speaking audience.

Mohr Siebeck is the publisher of the Popper’s work in German. They have also published several books on Popper and his philosophy.

Or you could listen to some of Karl Popper’s work on YouTube, for example Conjectures and Refutations as narrated by Elyse Hargreaves. The Open Society and Its Enemies is another book that is available as an audio file. It has been published by Tantor Media.

Note that Popper’s books are read throughout the world and have been translated in over 30 languages. Currently, December 2020, the 20th reprint of the English Routledge edition of The Open Society and its Enemies is available. The 21st edition of the German collected volume Auf der Suche nach einer besseren Welt (In Search of a Better World) was printed by Piper Verlag. Bilimsel Araştırmanın Mantığı (The Logic of Scientific Discovery) had its tenth reprint in Turkey by publisher Yapi Kredi Kültür Sanat Yayincilik. in Spain, the 15th edition of La logica de la investigación cientifica was published by Editorial Tecnos. Today, new translation projects are taking place in Vietnam, Israel, and Bulgaria.

For a complete list of Karl Popper’s publications, including a list of all the translations in various languages, click here. For a list of all the papers on Popper, click here.

Next you could check out some of the webportals exploring and commenting on Popper’s philosophical system:

If you want to do research on a specific aspect of Karl Popper’s philosophy and consult some of his manuscripts, notes or correspondence, you can do so by visiting the Karl Popper Collection at Klagenfurt University, Austria or the Karl Popper Archives at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, USA.

For more details on the Karl Popper Collection and other Popper-related activities at Klagenfurt University, Austria such as the Karl Popper Foundation Klagenfurt Newsletter, go to the dedicated tab under “WHO’S KARL POPPER” on the MENU above or click here and here respectively.

Or, you could always sample the expanding scholarship, discussion and commentary on Karl Popper and his work on the world-wide web:

For a list of all the people that have been affiliated with Karl Popper’s philosophy in one capacity or the other, go to the dedicated tab under “WHO’S KARL POPPER” on the MENU above or click here.

Are you aware of specific Popper-related websites that are not listed here? Did you notice an error in the lists above? Would you like to help expand this page? There is so much more that can be done! Contact the web admin at ourkarlpopper@gmail.com to submit links or inquire how you can help out with the further development of this particular web page.

~ Margaretha Hendrickx, Trumansburg, NY, USA

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