At any time during the MEET ‘n GREET, TROUBLESHOOTERS will be available to provide assistance in whatever way possible.  They can be reached as follows.  

  • Send a DM message on Facebook to Margaretha Hendrickx.
  • Send an EMAIL to  Several people will be on stand-by to answer your email & questions.
  • On your smartphone, via WHATSAPP, contact 1.607.624.9876.
  • On your smartphone, via SIGNAL, contact 1.607.624.9876.
  • Send a message or call via SKYPE at
  • If you are located inside the USA, call 1.607.624.9876.
  • Post a message in the ZOOM CHAT ROOM.  Someone will answer it as soon as they have a chance.  Keep in mind that it may take several minutes before an answer will appear.

We are looking for individuals willing and available to help with troubleshooting outside the U.S.A. Note that the task of trouble-shooting is different from the one of being a host, co-host or facilitator. A trouble-shooter is someone who has agreed to be on stand-by in case some of the participants experience difficulties joining the ZOOM session, or moving among the breakout rooms. If interested tp make yourself available, send an email to

The most up-to-date ZOOM versions for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android & Linux are 5.4.7., released on December 21 2020.

Below are possibly helpful ZOOM-related web posts:

Margaretha Hendrickx, Trumansburg, NY, USA