Call for submissions

~~ It is with great pleasure that I introduce this new blogging project dedicated to the work and philosophy of Karl Popper. This blog is not about the work of Karl Popper itself, but rather about how YOU got to know Karl Popper and his philosophy, and the type of impression that the man and his work made on you.  

The purpose of the blog is to collect testimonies, not longer than 3,500 words, of how Karl Popper’s ideas have made a difference in your life.  For example, you could describe how you found his work, including the first book of his that you read, and the context — time, place, occasion — during which you encountered Popper’s oeuvre for the first time.  And what happened next.

Submissions can be sent to To speed up the process of acceptance and publication, please include the following:

  • Title of your essay
  • List of keywords/tags
  • A brief bio for the Contributors page
  • Your location for the Google Map on the Contributors page
  • An email address in case you would like to be contacted privately (optional)
  • A photograph or a representative avatar.

Your essays will be accepted and published “as is.” I do not intend to give any content or editorial advise.

If you would like to update your essay at a later point in time, please send an updated version to and the updated version will be published within five (5) business day.

Similarly, if, for whatever reason, you would like to have your essay permanently (or temporarily) removed from this blog, contact and your request will be fulfilled within five (5) business days.

Once again, the general contact email is ourkarlpopper@gmail. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or comments about this blogging project. 

~ Margaretha Hendrickx, Trumansburg, NY

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