Brainstorming session, facilitated (starts at noon GMT)

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Provisional list of brainstorming topics in search of sharable skills and expertise to promote critical rationalism (Last updated January 12th.)

A minimum of 20 minutes of brainstorming per topic to explore how we can bundle our individual skills and expertise to help support one another’s work increasing awareness of the philosophy of Karl Popper and critical rationalism.

Note that the order of topics may change and new topics may be added until one hour before the brainstorming session starts.  Bookmark this page and come back for the latest updates.

noon GMT or later

  1. Karl Popper Archives & Karl Popper Foundation Klagenfurt (Thomas Hainscho)
  2. Popper audiobooks (Elyse Hargreaves)

1pm GMT or later

  1. (Rafe Rafe Champion)
  2. Critical Rationalism Facebook group (Bruce Caithness)
  3. Critical Rationalism blog (further details to be added soon)

2pm GMT or later

  1.  Facebook page (Luc Castelein)
  2. Karl Popper Oxford Society  & other Popper Facebook pages & groups
  3. The Popper podcast (Jed Lea Henry) 

3pm GMT 

  1. Critical Rationalism Lectures Series (Jeremy Shearmur)
  2. Semi-annual Popper conferences (Jeremy Shearmur)
  3. One-time event Popper-related conferences (Jeremy Shearmur)

4pm GMT or later

  1. Karl Popper Charitable Trust (Jeremy Shearmur, David Miller, Ali Paya)
  2. June 3, 2023 24hr. Transcontinental Meet ‘n Greet (Sadia Naeem, Margaretha Hendrickx, Luc Castelein, Rafe Champion) 
  3. Administrators for Karl-Popper Google Group  

5pm GMT or later

  1. 2024 24hr. Transcontinental Meet ‘n Greets (Margaretha Hendrickx)
  2. Dashboard to go with the blog (Margaretha Hendrickx)
  3. Rat Fest in Philadelphia, PA, USA (Logan Chipkin)

6pm GMT or later

  1. blog (Margaretha Hendrickx)
  2. Other Popper projects & skill-sharing opportunities across the globe

Critical Rationalism stands for the so-called practical attitude towards life of “I may be wrong and you may be right, and by an effort, we may get nearer to the truth.

Needed skills & expertise (Last updated January 12th.)
  • Organizing
  • Project management
  • Networking
  • Social media
  • Web design
  • Digital map production
  • Facebook
  • Twitter, Mastodon, etc.
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

If you have some time & skill/expertise to share, list it in the skill-sharing spreadsheet.

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